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CLIENT: Vitaminstore

BRIEFING: Win back our lost customers


Vitaminstore is the health specialist in the Netherlands with 33 stores. A large part of their customers’ orders are made online.



Goodbyehello was asked to reactivate over a hundred thousand customers who previously were considered as inactive.


Therefore we first wanted to find out if they were still responsive..

Goodbyehello reactivate the customer
Goodbyehello microsegmentation

After we identified the most responsive customers we profiled them and created small-segments.


Then we created hypotheses and started testing with campaigns on these micro-segments, just until we found the perfect fit between customer and client.


And when there was a fit, we start scaling up immediately.


Our approach of micro-segmentation resulted in a sales increase of 300%.


25% of the customers who were considered inactive started purchasing again.


And they remained loyal..30% did a repeat purchase within 3 months.

Not only did they start buying again, they also started spending more.


The average order amount of reactivated customers appeared to be 25% higher than during their first lifecycle.


So these customers were considered inactive. But in fact, they were not.

With the right attention, care and creativity, they gave their commitment again.