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Re-establishing client relations

iDrukker – a label acquired by the Helloprint group – owned a messy database based on order lines and had poor client relations. We quickly re-structured the data, established excellent client relations, and activated and converted these clients to the main label Drukzo.

Turning around the business approach

The market of printed matter is a traditional market where communication is mostly about pricing.

We proved that there were many triggers in the data that would be perfect justifications to get in touch with these, so called, inactive customers.

Instead of continuing with product offers we started with giving attention and started asking questions, based on profound data analytics. The effect this had on engagement was huge, as a result the sales got a big boost too.




Helloprint business growth

Lead Conversion

When we proved to be successfull with reactivation, HelloPrint asked us to review their inactive accountholders.

We started with leads in Spain, France, England and Belgium of customers who never had ordered before. By scanning their data with our analytics tools, and adding a dash of creativity — we created campaigns that tempted thousands of customers to make a first time order. This also was a huge winner for our client.

Lead to Conversion