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The business of numerous clients has been boosted by winning back inactive customers. Our insights about customer behavior combined with powerful personal recommendation and churn prediction models lead to high up-selling results. Our campaigns combine creativity with highly personalized messages and that shows off! Our machine learning models help our clients to anticipate adequately on customer behavior and as a result prolong their lifespan.

In our vision data science is most effective when machine learning models are fully integrated into the customer data platform and the marketing cycle: powerful prediction models with maximum security, privacy and data quality. We are confident that our personal recommendations engine, micro segmentation models and churn prediction approach can help you grow your business.

Whether you are looking for data science services on your customer data or for a full campaign management service – we are happy and ready to support you!

Do you have other challenging marketing questions? Then you need to know more. Our data scientists will explain the power of predictive analytics for your business. If you want more information:

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Our Tools:

SQL-MySQL-Python-Tableau-IBM SPSS-IBM Data Platform-IBM Watson Analytics-ETL Talend-Secure Data environment AWS