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In the week that we were still in disbelief, at Goodbyehello we decided to use our expertise and tools to prepare organizations to restore customer relationships as soon as the time comes.

Turnover is lost in many organizations, customer demand has abruptly disappeared. Customers cancel and orders or bookings are not made. In addition to transparent and proactive communication with the customer, the question arises: Which customer is postponing his order or booking and which customer should we give separate attention in the future?

How can data science now contribute to restoring the customer relationship?
IBM veteran Herman van Dellen has developed a model that predicts which customers wanted to place an order or make a booking during this period, but have not, or have not yet done so, due to the crisis. We can also do this for your customers.

Prepare for recovery: the Recovery Plan

To keep your customers close to you in an appropriate way, a Recovery Plan is necessary. It states, for example, that you communicate proactively, regularly and transparently and that the core values ​​of your organization are clearly expressed. Not only with your customers, but also start with your employees, shareholders and partners. Organizations that manage to manage this communication well during a crisis often seem to emerge better from a crisis.

We are happy to help draw up a Recovery Plan in which we will focus on the role of data and 1 to 1 communication in this.

Plan a video call at +31 85-3035658 or