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Briefing: Re-engage with inactive customers

1. Clean data
Everything in Goodbyehello starts with data: to get a good picture of the group of customers that is considered as inactive, we got rid of corrupt data, cleaned and re-structured it, deduplicated, before we began an analysis. The better the quality of the data, the better the results will be. A perfect dataset is also essential for segmentations en for zero-error personalized campaigns.

2. The Ping phase: creating and testing alibi's

Based on preliminary data analyses and the resulting insights, we created various excuses to renew contact with this group of inactive customers. How did we know that an analysis of the data would provide significant customer values and that they actually would respond? Because we tested consumer responsiveness and measured consumer sentiment in the Ping phase. Out of the different variables, it was apparent that the memory of a Belvilla holiday worked the best.



Goodbyehello ping

A component of the Ping campaign included the survey of a small part of the database to find out reasons for inactivity and motivations for choosing a different provider. Even though it was not the primary purpose, the reactivating effect of this survey was achieved by an approach that was completely different to what the receiver was used to: personal, sympathetic and interested in their needs

3. The Play phase: Enriching the data

We scaled up the most successful campaigns to reach a wider clientele. Gradually we got a clearer picture of how the needs of these “inactive” customers had changed over time. For example, we could see in the data that a micro-segment consisted of customers who had been on holiday with their children ten years ago. Our hypothesis was that ten years later they would go without children. We tested this hypothesis in a campaign that posed the question, “Playground or golf course?”.

Goodbyehello Play

4. The Purchase phase: Personal and relevant offers that sell

In the last phase, for example, we focused on making an offer that would fit the modified needs of a group that no longer took a holiday with children. We figured they would want all the “mod cons” [modern amenities and conveniences] that a Belvilla had to offer. This group didn’t get any offers that included a water park for families. Belvilla scored 300% better with this approach. In addition, we received hardly any spam reports from a group of people who had been considered inactive customers.

Goodbyehello proven record

In Conclusion

We reactivated more than 10.000 customers who had been considered as inactive through an extended series of campaigns spread over the Ping, Play and Purchase phases. The enriched database was then handed over to Belvilla with valuable insights to achieve better conversions in the future.